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List of PhD. students received a doctoral degree in Communication Technology under my supervision:

  1. Nhat Tien Nguyen,  Dissertation (2023): Millimeter Wave Communications in 5G Networks and Beyond: New System Models and Performance Analysis.
  2. Ladislav Behan,  Dissertation (2023): An innovative approach to detect Spam over Internet Telephony by applying artificial intelligence methods.
  3. Jakub Jalowiczor,  Dissertation (2021): An Optimized IoT Architecture based on Fog Computing with a new Method of Data Transfer Control.
  4. Duy Hung Ha,  Dissertation (2021): Enhancing the physical layer security of wireless communication networks with wireless power transfer.
  5. Thanh Nam Tran,  Dissertation (2021): Study of IoT Networks Inspired by the Emerging NOMA Technique: Analysis, Simulations and Improvements.
  6. Tam Kieu Nguyen,  Dissertation (2021): Performance Analysis of full-duplex relaying Networks: an Application in 5G.
  7. Tan-Phuoc Huynh,  Dissertation (2019): Performance enhancement solutions in wireless communication networks.
  8. Hoang Sy Nguyen, Dissertation (2019): Energy Harvesting Enabled Relaying Network: Design System and Performance Analysis.
  9. Phu Tran Tin, Dissertation (2019): Impact of hardware impairments on secrecy performances of wireless relay systems.
  10. Tan Nhat Nguyen, Dissertation (2019): Simulation and modelling of wireless power in cooperative networks.
  11. Lukas Sevcik, Dissertation (2018): Adaptive reservations of network sources by according to video classification scenes.
  12. Jaroslav Frnda, Dissertation (2018): A new method for video quality evaluation.
  13. Jaromír Tovarek, Dissertation (2018): Multimodal biometric contactless authentication using artificial intelligence.
  14. Miralem Mehic, Dissertation (2017): Using Quantum Key Distribution for Securing Real-Time Applications.
  15. Lukas Macura, Dissertation (2017): Multi-criteria analysis and prediction of incidents in a network.
  16. Pavol Partila, Dissertation (2017): Classification of Emotions in Human Speech.
  17. Jakub Safarik, Dissertation (2017): Distributed System for Attack Classification in VoIP Infrastructure Based on SIP Protocol.
  18. Jan Rozhon, Dissertation (2016): Model for the predictive determination of speech quality as a criterion for the performance evaluation of SIP solution.
  19. Filip Rezac, Dissertation (2016): Distribution of voice messages in emergency situations.