About me

I graduated from Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science VSB-Technical University of Ostrava in 1995 and I hold a doctorate degree in Telecommunications from the same faculty (FEECS). I received my Ph.D. in 2002 and the thesis dealt with  “Voice traffic optimization with regard to speech quality in the network with VoIP technology”.

Iceland 2016

I was appointed Full Professor in 2017 in Electronics and Communication technologies. Since 2013, I have led Dept. of Telecommunications in a position of department chair at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and since 2017 I have been serving also in a position of department chair of Big Data Analysis Lab in IT4Innovations National Supercomputing Centre.

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Research areas

I have started my research at the end of 1990’s in the field of real-time applications’ traffic modelling, at this time fundamentals of Voice over IP were created and modified. My deep gratitude belongs to CESNET enabling me a research in the IP telephony domain. I have devoted many efforts to the improvement of non-intrusive speech quality evaluation methods, Quality of Service (QoS), Quality of Experience (QoE) and security of real-time applications in networks. I focused my intent on wireless communication, Internet of things, energy harvesting, network security and big data analytics in networks, everything is related to the research projects in which I participate/participated. Generally, my professional interest focuses on communication technology and related issues, I am a founder od LIPTEL research group and a leader of expert group Telecommunications and Multimedia in Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.


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